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Binary Tree in C Language

In Computer Science, a binary search tree is a data structure based on nodes in which all nodes in the left subtree (left child) have a numeric value lower the root node value, and all nodes of the right (right child) have a higher value than the root node value. The aim of this tree is to structure the data in a flexible way, allowing binary search.

void inserir(tArv *t, int dado){ int ok; if (*t == NULL) { *t = (tnoarv *) malloc(sizeof(tnoarv)); if (*t == NULL) return; (*t)->esq = NULL; (*t)->dir = NULL; (*t)->info = dado; } if (dado < (*t)->info) { inserir(&((*t)->esq), dado); } else{ if (dado > (*t)->info) { inserir(&((*t)->dir), dado); } } }

Function to remove a value from a binary tree:

void remover(tArv *raiz, int valor){   
    tArv aux;   
       if(valor < (*raiz)->info){    
           remover(&((*raiz)->esq), valor);   
            if(valor > (*raiz)->info){    
                 remover(&((*raiz)->dir), valor);  
                if( !arvore_vazia((*raiz)->esq) && !arvore_vazia((*raiz)->dir) ){      
                     aux = minimo((*raiz)->dir);    
                     (*raiz)->info = (aux->info);   
                     remover(&(*raiz)->dir, (*raiz)->info);   
                       aux = *raiz;       
                           *raiz = (*raiz)->dir;   
                       else {     
                            *raiz = (*raiz)->esq;                          

Minimum function returns the node with minimum value:

tArv minimo(tArv T){  
       return NULL;   
          if( arvore_vazia(T->esq) ){   
              return T;   
              return minimo(T->esq);   

Maximum function returns the node with the maximum value:

tArv maximo(tArv T){  
     if( !arvore_vazia(T) ){   
       while( !arvore_vazia(T->dir) ){   
          T = T->dir;   
       return T;   

Function to search for a value in the binary tree:

tArv busca_elemento(tArv t, int dado){   
     tArv achou;   
     if (arvore_vazia(t)) return NULL;   
     if (t->info == dado) return t;   
         achou = busca_elemento(t->esq, dado);   
     if (arvore_vazia(achou))   
         achou = busca_elemento(t->dir, dado);   
     return achou;   


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