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Intellisense for jQuery on Visual Studio

Hi guys,

This post is for all WebDevs that use Visual Studio as web development tool.
Who never needed to develop something using jQuery and questioned yourself why Visual Studio Intellisense doesn’t work for jQuery?
Sometimes we make small mistakes while developing with jQuery, and those little mistakes makes you remember that if we had intellisense we might not do some errors, or even think that if we had intellisense we could know which functions jQuery have. Well, I will give a tip that can help on this question.

I will use Visual Studio 2010 and jQuery to demonstrate how to use Visual Studio intellisense for jQuery codes.

Let’s do it!
Firstly, on my web project I added a folder called JavaScript with a sub-folder called jQuery, and this folder have our jQuery file (jquery-1.7.2.js), on my JavaScript folder I created my file “Suzuki.js”, see below:


Thanks for reading.
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