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SQL Server Management Studio Outdated IntelliSense

Hy guys,
Today I will give you a useful tip that can make your life as developer a bit easy.
This tip is for you that is using SQL Server Management Studio with activated intellisense.
You know when you create a table and then you type the “schema name” plus the “.”,  e.g., (schema.) and then you see a list of ojects that belongs to this schema, or when you are typing the the column names of your table in your query and the SQL Server Management simply add the undeline on all text and gives you a message saying that your table doesn’t exist or your columns doesn’t exist.
This post will help you solve the problem mentioned on previous paragraph.

Yes! We can update the intellisense, therefore we can make SQL Server Management recognizes our table and comsequently stop giving us error warnings.

For example, let’s say that I created a table called Suzuki on my schema BKP an them I try to do a select. I would see something like this:


If you execute the query it will work normally, e.g., just our friend IntelliSense is needing an update.

We have two options to update the IntelliSense.

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+R (shortcut).
  2. Go to Edit, IntelliSense and the click on Refresh Local Cache.

Intellisense refresh
PS: The version I am using is: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio version 10.50.2500.0.

Thanks for reading.
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