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About me and this blog

Thiago Satoshi Suzuki

Thiago Satoshi Suzuki

I am a 29 years old Brazilian-Italian descendent of Japaneses who is a passionate Senior Systems Engineer specialised in .net technologies.
Besides being a .net advocate I am also a Microsoft Azure enthusiastic and a believe in the power of cloud computing.
My passion for systems engineering started at the age of 18, and since then I’ve been creating well structured and robust systems to solve real world problems.

Initially this blog was established as a means to keep up with my own interests in the web, such as programming, solving technical issues while designing and developing software systems. However, after some time and little effort this blog has evolved into something much better and meaningful. It is quite frustrating to surf the web and do not find any helpful solution to our problems, hence I have devoted my time trying to help struggling software engineers to find clear and easy ways to solve their programming problems.

Ninja Code started as a Brazilian blog and now we are ninjacode.com.br and ninja-code.co.uk.

In this blog I focus on simplifying and dismistifying coding and programming issues.
Hope you enjoy the blog, please like and share.


Professional Life

I have worked on the design and development of many sorts of systems including large ERPs, B2B e-commerce, systems to manage cities, to solve transport problems, and social networks.
During my career I learned and tried to master languages such as C#, T-SQL, HTML, Javascript, ASP.Net, JQuery, XML among others.
At the age of 21 I founded my company – AppStudio – to provide state of the art software technologies to corporations in Brazil. Me and my team provided solutions to large Universities and large retailers companies.
5 years ago I moved to the UK to start a new journey in my life. I have been very fortunate for having worked for many great companies such as Microsoft, IIS, and 4D Interactive.


Academic Life

I have always been curious about how computers and technology worked and how I could program them to do things that would change the world – or at least optimize processes within enterprises 😀
At the age of 18 I joined University to study Computer Science and I had the opportunity to work in very fantastic projects. I took part in a Microsoft competition within my University (5 star Developer Program) and I was one of the winners and was invited to do an internship at a Microsoft Partner company.
My graduation project was a software system to simulate sound effects using Digital Signal Processing techniques – mainly the Fourier Transform.
At the end of my BSc course I felt I knew a lot about software engineering but not too much about managing large software development projects. So, I did an MBA with emphasis in IT Management at the top Business School in Brazil (FGV)


Personal Life

I enjoy playing and watching football (the real football – the one you play with your FOOT (hence the word football)), video games, photography, and guitar.
Cooking is another hobby I have. My favourite cousines are Brazilian, Japanese and Italian.
In my spare times I like to drive and travel, and discover amazing places around the world.


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